Interactive Digital
Flat Panel

Make Your Meeting Interactive

With the help of wireless touchscreen technology, make your meeting room more interactive and purposeful with enthusiastic experience. 

About the Product

Interactive Digital Flat Panel are large-format touch screen LED display, full HD or 4K resolution with inbuilt whiteboard software and digital content and integrated PC. They are ideal for any collaborative room or area like in a meeting room or classroom. It allows the user to replace the bulky projector setting and can interact with their digital content with a higher-quality display, various software, instance network and connectivity.


Interactive Touchscreen

The touchscreen feature of Flat Panel lives upto its name as interactive. Touchscreen feature helps user to control their digital content and utilize other features more efficiently

Faster Connectivity

Among all the available interactive solution flat panl are the eaiset to set up and start with one button.

Screen display

Many product features a full HD or 4K resolution so a collaborative room can view the screen in any given scenario.

Some fields Interactive Smart Flat Display Panel are used in:


Flat Panel can be very useful for a business setup or any corporate. It allows everyone in the meeting room to concentrate in the material displayed in screen and increase concentration and productivity 


 With the increasing dependence of students on digital media for their learning experiences, flat panel display allows the users to integrate it into classrooms allowing students t have fun and interactive experience. During this pandemic, a lot of our clients are using interactive panel to make online classes more beneficial and fun.

Training and seminar

Interactive flat panel can be accessed by multiple people to view the displayed content. in a training room set up trainer can access to various media without connecting to any network. Its multi-touch feature allows training to be more bidirectional interaction

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